When I join Therapy.Live what am I signing up for?

When you join Therapy.Live you are protecting your future. By joining you are investing in a forward thinking, mission based company that is empowering the mental health profession. Therapy Live assists you in maintaining control of your practice as client-therapist interactive technology advances over the next decade. The Therapy.Live team is committed to delivering optimal value at the most cost-effective prices. Whether you have your own website, advertise somewhere else, or are already utilizing telehealth services, we guarantee that your Therapy Live platform will be of significant value to your current and future practice.

How long does it take to create my Therapy Live page?

We recommend that you spend approximately 20-30 minutes to create your Therapy Live page before making it public. We have found that over 80% of new users complete their profile information and often are blogging within 24 hours of joining.

Will I be able to publish a blog?

Yes. Your Multi-Engagement Platform includes an interactive blog that is SEO optimized and includes easy social sharing tool, which helps your posts to become viral. This is your opportunity to join leading minds in sharing your knowledge and expertise with colleagues and clients.

Is it easy to create a video?

Yes. You are able to create and upload videos from a range of devices, including your laptop, your desktop, and your smart phone.

Will I be able to sell videos through my Therapy Live page?

Yes. We allow you to create videos that we encrypt, secure, and optimize to play on nearly every device without downloading any software. You will be able to set your price that you would like to charge. The split for sold videos is 70% to you and 30% to the company.

Do I have access to tutorials?

Yes. We include fun and personalized video tutorials to guide you through every step. Our support staff is available to help with any questions along the way.

If I currently do not engage in seminars or create videos what kind of videos might be helpful?

We often suggest that you create a video related to your current clients. For example, if you have a client(s) who struggles with anxiety or panic attacks, you could create a video guiding your client through grounding techniques or a guided meditation. This will help your client(s) when you may not be available. Also, get creative as other people may benefit from your content.

I am not very technology savvy. Can I still use your service?

Yes. Our site is easy to use and designed with you in mind. We have included video tutorials to direct you. Our team is also available to help.

When will telehealth be available?

Secure telehealth along with scheduling, HIPAA storage, and client communications.

Will you be offering insurance billing with telehealth?

Yes. Shortly after launching telehealth we will include insurance and claim billing capabilities. You will also receive a Business Associate Agreement, session EMR, appointment scheduler, HIPAA compliant internal messaging, direct credit card payment portal, automated appointment reminders, and video on demand.

What is the transaction fee for insurance billing? Will I have to pay more for the payment portal?

No. The payment portal will be included in your multi-engagement platform. We anticipate that the insurance and claim billing will be approximately $1.50 per claim.

Can I use my own billing system?

Yes. Your package will ultimately include insurance and claim billing capabilities with your telehealth portal, however you can use your own billing system or another service for billing if you choose.

Can I provide telehealth to a client in a different state?

Generally speaking, clinicians are able to provide telehealth services to clients in the same legal jurisdiction that they are licensed or that their state has reciprocal agreements with. You, the clinician, are responsible to follow regulations of your state and licensure.

What if I only want to use Therapy.Live for telehealth?

Great. We provide a suite of tools for clinicians and recognize that you will use your platform as you see best fit for your practice.

My certificate is a non-state licensed practice; can I use your service?

Yes. However, you must specifically list your scope of practice, and state that you are not a licensed mental health clinician. In order to use telehealth you will need to carry liability insurance and you will not be able to diagnose clients.

Will someone be able to refer me a client through my Therapy.Live page?

Yes. Your profile is designed to be easily shared. You will also be able to invite clients to engage through your portal.

Can I keep my personal website with my Therapy.Live page?

Yes. Therapy.Live is designed to be a valuable asset worth investing in for your practice even if you are currently using other client engagement services. Your Therapy.Live personal profile and engagement platform will evolve with you and your practice In addition, we offer you the opportunity to promote your existing website.

Where do I put my promo code?

When signing up, on the “Getting Started” page you will be able to enter your promo code in the top right box above the title “Your Multi-Engagement Platform”.

I forgot my username, password, or URL.

Not a problem. If you remember your username you can easily reset your password. If you have forgotten your username you can retrieve it if you remember the email that you used to sign up. If you are not successful in retrieving your password or user name, please contact us.

Does Therapy.Live advertise with the public around mental health and direct people to the site?

Yes. We are passionate about moving the needle in mental health. We have several campaigns, initiatives, and programs engaging with the public around mental health. We also work to promote clinicians throughout our extensive social channels and partake in national public relation campaigns around the country.

Does Therapy.Live guarantee me clients?

Unlike other services that take a significant percentage of your earnings we do not guarantee a number of specific clients, however we feature active clinicians, we optimize your web presence, share your profile with our growing audience of users, offer insights into expanding your practice, and promote you through our networks.

Do you help design my personal website?

No. We provide you with your personal interactive platform that many clinicians use as a website or as an adjunct to their personal website.