Successful engagement with clients should be simple, dynamic, and positive. Therapy Live is designed to evolve with you and your practice.

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  • On-Demand Video

    There are only so many hours in a day. With on-demand video, you can extend your offerings to numerous individuals you might not have otherwise be able to reach. We help you manage, monetize, protect, publish, and deliver your premium video content. Uploading your video is easy and we handle the challenging parts like bitrate variability and encryption for you. Now you can offer more of your wisdom and expertise to the world and get paid for it whether or not you are in your office or even awake.
  • HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant

    HIPAA / PIPEDA / HITECH compliance is not only important for your practice it is legally mandated. We meet and generally exceed all relevant requirements under HIPAA /HITECH. We employ a range of protocols to safeguard the transmission or storage of any protected health information (PHI) on the site. Included in these protocols is site-wide 256-bit elliptical encryption. With Therapy Live, you can be confident that your practice is in compliance and your clients can rest easy knowing that their PHI will remain secure.
  • 256-Bit Elliptical Encryption

    We take your security very seriously. We know that the digital environment presents unique challenges and threats. While many other health sites have relied on third-party builds and may not even understand their own infrastructure, we did it the right way from the ground up so as to better provide you with a reliable, stable, and secure platform. Our site was built by our own experienced in-house programmers and employs strong 256-bit elliptical encryption throughout. Every aspect of your interaction with Therapy Live is secured at levels that meet or greatly exceed the requirements under HIPAA/HITECH. Going beyond mere compliance, we have created a secure platform that can support your varied uses now and in the future. Whether you are posting content, accepting payments, or conducing teletherapy sessions, you can be confident that we have you covered.
  • All-Inclusive Telehealth Portal

    All indicators point to a dramatic rise in telehealth and teletherapy sessions within the next 5 years. This sea change will dramatically alter healthcare in general and psychotherapy in particular. Therapy Live’s multi-engagement platform is ideal for professionals at all levels of practice. Whether you just started your career or have been active for decades, we give you tools that will benefit you and your clients.
    Our secure telehealth portal allows you to transcend distances and transform lives. Whether you are looking to transition to working from home, you want to have a way to expand your practice to clients in underserved areas, you want to provide in vivo interventions, or you just want to kick the tires on teletherapy for yourself, Therapy Live will give you the secure and reliable tools needed to meet your emerging needs.
  • Manage Clients and Session Notes

  • Direct Payments To You

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