It’s not a job, it’s our duty

At Therapy Live we create advanced proprietary tools that are empowering mental health professionals, educators, and their practices to move the needle in mental health personally and globally for generations to come. Join Us!

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  • More Freedom

    We are often constrained by pressing demands for time and limited personal and financial resources. Therapy Live provides you with the tools to take back a measure of control so that you can improve your own self-determination. We provide you with tools that will help give you more freedom in terms of time, place, and compensation.
  • Help More People

    We enter the profession with a gravity-defying passion to serve others and to help clients reach their potential, with a goal to ultimately make the world a better place. The traditional structures for mental health delivery frequently get in the way of us offering our best. We know the reasons: long hours, excessive paperwork, bureaucratic encumbrances, poor reimbursement, and limited support. At Therapy Live, we have tools that will help you offer content 24/7 and fill gaps in your schedule with paying clients.
  • Grow Your Income

    We have spent many years acquiring the knowledge, training, skills, and experience necessary to make a positive difference in the lives of those suffering from mental and emotional distress, and yet we are often insufficiently compensated for our time and expertise. At Therapy Live, we want to help expand your income options while still allowing you to have a life.
  • Work/Life Balance

    When did being stuck on a never-ending treadmill become the norm? Founded by a survivor, a psychologist and a missile defense expert, the Therapy Live team works to give you the tools to succeed and thrive, now and in the future. Therapy Live is designed to help you reach more people in need, while assisting you in monetizing your inner creativity, your life experience, and your valuable expertise. We focus on the technical stuff - so your day to day is easier and more meaningful. We get the frustration, because we are clinicians, and we honor the hard work that you do to serve others. Let’s work together to make the work life balance something that we don’t just preach, but that we practice too.