This Video Is Making Mother’s Stomachs Turn All Over The Internet

By: # Better Off With Me Posted On Sep 08, 2016

Who Is Going To Catch Her?

This video is designed to remind parents that even when you feel isolated or discouraged by your struggles, you are not alone.

It is ok to ask for help and to ask loved ones for support


This video was created by the Therapy.Live team as an initiative of the #BetterOffWithMe campaign to bring awareness to the many parents who are struggling.

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About the Author
Welcome to Therapy.Live’s #BetterOffWithMe Initiative. At Therapy Live, we firmly believe that you are a unique thread in the tapestry of being and that the world would be more diminished and frayed in your absence. We truly believe that the world is better off with you. If for any reason you do not feel similarly, we invite you to look at some of the videos and blogs featured below, help spread the word by using the hashtag #BetterOffWithMe, or visit our Suicide Education and Prevention Resource Page at www.Therapy.Live/Suicide Whether you are thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or family member, need emotional support, or are just looking to better educate yourself, we hope you make use of the resources available to you. (The information listed in this timeline was found from publicly available resources. Therapy.Live makes no claim to the accuracy of diagnoses or mental conditions of these individuals mentioned.)

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