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The intelligently designed and intuitive personal practice management platform, which comes with Therapy Live's Positive Practice Plan, offers you the freedom to practice wherever and whenever you choose. The automated scheduler is like your front office manager. You determine your services, your fees, and your availability. Your clients pay for your services when they book an appointment and you have confirmed. It’s that easy. You and your clients can schedule traditional in-office visits or unlimited telehealth sessions, maintain your session notes, and receive payments all in the same place. The Positive Practice plan provides you with the flexibility to manage your practice with simplicity and ease.

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The Power To Do More

Therapy Live is more than a secure communication and practice management platform. At Therapy Live we believe in the opportunity and obligation that we have to collectively use our expertise to better educate our clients, the profession, and the public in order to reduce stigma, reduce suffering, and improve mental health education globally.

With Therapy Live’s Positive Presence Plan you have the freedom to create professional content such as articles and blogs, or educational videos that are automatically encrypted and optimized to play on any device. Your content can also be uploaded with any device, so you don’t have to worry about being a professional content creator or super tech savvy. You have the flexibility to set your own pricing and even set up a 30-second free preview for content that you choose to monetize.

Your practice management platform is also your marketing powerhouse. You are provided simple to use tools for you to share your knowledge however you desire to utilize it for your practice. Your dashboard is embedded with social analytics that display the reach of your public content that you create and share in real time.

Fun Fact: The Therapy Live team was so passionate about shining light on the fact that therapists could create educational based mental health interventions for the masses that they created the first ever evidence-supported experiential mental health curriculum delivered to entire grade levels and cohorts in the United States. The program is often mandated in middle and high school health classes and is now delivered by everyday health teachers to thousands of students every school semester.

After a spate of 5 student suicides at the founder’s former high school, the team put together all of their resources and tirelessly worked and collaborated with experts throughout North America to successfully deliver a 15-class comprehensive program called Prepare U. The program has been researched for over 3 years with several thousands of students and has been highly endorsed by leading psychologists. The educational intervention has shown effectiveness in adolescents from ages 13-19 in reducing trauma and anxiety related symptoms, while improving meaning, purpose, and emotional & social support.

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Quick Easy Pay

Therapy Live simplifies the process of receiving, managing, and selling services. Integrating the latest enhancements of Stripe’s 3-D secure payment and connect, mental health professionals are able to assure that payments are guaranteed prior to making appointment commitments. Once sessions are completed therapists receive their full service minus any Stripe credit card or servicing fees directly into their bank account.

Professionals who choose to create and monetize additional content will receive direct distribution payments from content that is sold throughout the site or to the public. Professionals will receive 70% royalty on any content purchased through Therapy Live’s platform. Therapy Live provides you the ability to easily increase not only your reach, but also your earning potential.

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