Pricing Information


Each therapist becomes registered with the Live Network with a subscription to use the web application with a monthly subscription of $75.00/month.  Some members may sign up during campaigns which offer discount coupons for subscriptions, for a given period of time.   Our founding members have been granted a 100% discount on their subscription in without time limit.   Therapist founding members will be notified individually by email of their discount.

The standard subscription includes:

  • Full use of all public engagement features including therapist profile, professional video upload, and professional blog creation.  Total storage available for uploads of videos and other content and documents is 10 gb., with the option of purchase of additional storage at $2/gb/month.
  • Use of practice engagement features as follows:
    • 18 patients/month registered to the therapist.  For each client above 18 the therapist will be charged $1/month.
    • 18 telehealth session/month.  For each telehealth session above 18, the therapist will be charged $1/session.
    • Full use of the scheduling application, including messaging, event notifications, and appointment notifications.
    • Full use of the session notes application.
    • Optional use of the automated credit card payment system, through Stripe.  The therapist may opt out of automatic credit card payments and use his current payment system with his patients without charge.  Each processing of a payment to the therapist using the Stripe based credit card processing system will incur a charge of $1/use which is payed to the Live Network, and Stripe processing charges of _________.
    • Upload of other patient medical documents into storage is part of the 10 gb. storage fee limitation mentioned above for videos.  As mentioned above, if the therapist needs more total storage he may purchase extra storage at $2/gb/month.
    • Import of medical data records from a therapist’s previous EMR software into Therapy.Live, or export of medical data records into other EMR software will be based on case by case appraisal of the scope of the import/export tasks requested.  Please contact The Live Network for a quote if such work is needed.


There are no charges for patients from the Live Network from their use of the Therapy.Live web application.  Of course, patients incur charges for sessions with therapists which are paid to their therapist.  If the therapist chose to make use of the automated credit card payment system using Stripe, the patient will be charged with his credit card and payments forwarded to his therapist.