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Dr. Neil Stafford

PsyD - Doctor of Psychology

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Dr. Stafford is a clinical psychologist with 11 years experience. His primary experience is with children and families in private practice, and 10 years in the Avondale Elementary School District. Dr. Stafford has earned certification in school psychology, and is the training director for an internship program for school psychologist. Beyond these activities, Dr. Stafford works with adults in his private practice on a broad range of issues including depression and anxiety. He also has interests in the integration of faith and psychology as well as the development of the individual through interpersonal neurobiology.
Depression and Anxiety
School Psychology
Adolescent and Adult
ADHD/Learning Disability Evaluations
Behavioral Issues
Clinical Psychology
Clinical Supervision
Couple and Family Therapy
Depression and Anxiety
Behavioral Issues
Couple and Family Therapy
Adolescent and Adult
Jun, 2003
PsyD - Doctor of Psychology
Jun, 2003
PsyD - Doctor of Psychology
Jul, 2003
Completed doctoral degree
Jul, 2003
Completed Internship
Oct, 2004
Completed Postdoctoral Training
Jan, 2005
Started private practice
Aug, 2006
Started working at Avondale Elementary School District
Mar, 2008
Received the Avondale Elementary School District Passion and Commitment Award
Oct, 2008
Received the AZPA Early Career Psychologist Award
Jul, 2010
Became certified in School Psychology
Jul, 2011
Completed three years as alternative school psychologist
Oct, 2012
Received the AZPA Distinguished Mentor Award
Jul, 2014
Completed three years as Exceptional Student Services Director for AESD
Oct, 2015
Received the AZPA Distinguished Service Award
Jun, 2016
AESD School Psychology Training Internship Program achieves American Psychological Association Accreditation
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