Behavior Modification Facilitator and Trainer
Jun, 1992
Behavioral Event Interviewer
Sep, 1997
Focus Group Director
Jun, 1999
Group Development Questionnaire User
Nov, 1999
MEd - Master of Education
Jan, 2001
PhD - Doctor of Philosophy
Jan, 2004
Emotional and Social Competency Inventory Accreditation
Oct, 2006
Schacter’s Observation Rubric
Mar, 2007
Psychology of Popular Media Culture
Jan, 2011
Finish Your Dissertation, Don't Let it Finish You!
Nov, 2013
Psychology Today Blogger
Aug, 2014
President of Society for Media Psychology and Technology
Jan, 2017
Dr. Joanne Broder Sumerson is a research psychologist who is very passionate and committed to bridging the gap between research and reality. She is the co-founding Editor of Psychology of Popular Media Culture, an Affiliate Professor at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia, and the 2017 President of the Society for Media Psychology and Technology. Built from over 20 years experience as a practitioner and professor, Dr. Broder Sumerson created her secrets to successful research processes and shares them in her book, Finish Your Dissertation, Don’t Let it Finish You! She helps individuals, groups, and organizations reach their maximum potential through the use of relevant data.
  • Dissertation and Thesis Coaching
  • Research Processes
JBS Graduation Video
Uploaded: Oct 06, 2017
By: Joanne Broder Sumerson Free
How to Start Writing
Uploaded: Oct 06, 2017
By: Joanne Broder Sumerson Free
Research Notes-Psychology Today article
Research Notes-Psychology Today
Uploaded: Oct 06, 2017
By: Joanne Broder Sumerson

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